Kitchen Sink Horror – A List

There are a few horror films that, instead of opting for gothic extravaganza, combine  a  portrayal of ordinary, tedious, working class daily life with (paranormal) terror.  Here are some favourites:


THE ENTITY: We may not be raped by an invisible attacker on a regular basis, but we all know the kindly analyst/boyfriend/boss who turns into some kind of psycho-terrorist when the object of his desire/investigation threatens to disappear.


LOVELY MOLLY: Brilliantly quotidien and quite scary. How to not be at home in a familiar place. Really unnerving: the sound design. Almost as sinister: the knitted rug on the sofa.


HENRY – PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER: Nothing paranormal here. In fact everything, even the habitual killings, are sickeningly normal to Henry and his damaged friends.


DARK WATER: Hell can be a staircase. When damp patches in a dismal flat start destroying your soul and stealing your daughter.


MIDNIGHT SON: Being young and lost in a big city. Earning money with mcjobs. Dabbling in art. Having an affair with a junkie. Oh, and being a vampire.


CARNIVAL OF SOULS: It’s hard to choose between the dead and the living. It’s a mad carnival in any case.

KILL LIST: Could be by Mike Leigh, except of course for the satanists.

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