Pascal Laugier talks about THE TALL MAN

In an interview with Ain’t It Cool News Pascal Laugier talks about the kind of movies he likes and he wants to make (incidentally just the kind of movies we want to see):

“My main inspiration comes from the golden age of cinema, where movies were more of an experience and more complex. You know the first time I saw TAXI DRIVER I thought… I’m talking about my reaction as a member of the audience at that time, I didn’t know what to think about the movie. I couldn’t label the movie. “Is it a thriller? Is it a horror film? Is it a psychological drama?”

It’s very hard to say and I love the idea that my film is very hard to put a label on, but I’m also very aware that some people will obviously be disappointed by the content of THE TALL MAN and this is something I can’t do anything about if I offend them. But again, I love the films of the seventies, where movies were much more difficult to put a label on. They were just choosing some genre and some archetypes of the genre as a way to express themselves and a way to share a vision. That’s something I want to go for, the kind of cinema I still want to do. As a member of the audience I’m so fed up with formulas. It’s always the same thing and I hate that. I’m turning forty and I don’t want to be told what I’m supposed to think and feel when I’m watching a movie. I love films that constantly have levels of complexity. That’s something I try to give back to the audience with my movies, so I know that probably won’t help commercially, but I also hope it will make the movies last in the audience’s mind. That’s my only ambition.”

You can find the complete interview here.

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